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With over 16 years experience as a Chef, and with a passion for helping people be the best at home chefs, Tyson Bertoncello has curated and developed a range of the best cooking equipment you need to make the perfect pasta at Casa chef®.

Within this range, Tyson has developed the first Pasta Boot that replaces the tired pasta machine clamp. In working in 100’s of home kitchens through his Pinot & Pasta Parties he hosts, Tyson saw an immediate problem and need to develop something modern, dishwash safe that would suit most kitchen benches and sizes to help people use their pasta machine. Now a lot of kitchen benchtops are made with a much thicker width stopping people from properly use their pasta machines. Home chefs also want more fashionable homewares to suit their modern homes.

Tyson also owns and runs I Like Too Much, the sister business of Casa Chef® which  focuses on at home and corporate Pinot & Pasta cooking classes Melbourne, and catering.