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hello, home chef

hello, pasta machine boot

Home to the world's first

pasta machine boot

Dishwasher and foodgrade safe. Built for the Marcato Atlas 150, more sizes coming soon!

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I have been needing this pasta machine boot! The clamp doesn't properly fit on my benchtop. Thank you Casa Chef!

- Tara, WA

What an idea! Love the pasta machine boot. It's stirdy and grips to my benchtop nicely. Just make sure the benchtop is clean.

- Nick, SA

A perfect gift for my mum who struggles to use the pasta machine clamp. This is a much easier solution.

- Glenda, VIC


How To Make The Perfect Pasta Dough

How To Make The Perfect Pasta Dough

Making the perfect pasta dough is easy as 1, 2, 3!  What you'll need / Ingredients:  Purchase 00 flour which can be bought from your local supermarket. 00 flour is a fine milled flour and is perfe...

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